Filmic Studios Presents

A New VR Game for Steam & Meta Quest! Enjoy boxing in a new inspiring way. Fight different characters with special skills in amazing environments. A game that takes your training and exercise to another level. Get In Shape before the Summer! 


We bring you games and training at the same time.

Our philosophy is centered around the belief that training should be an enjoyable and captivating experience. In today's sedentary lifestyle, both children and adults spend too much time staying still, and we aim to revolutionize this.

We firmly believe that there is no better feeling than achieving a great workout effortlessly. Our journey began with Marcus, our visionary game director, who sought a more enjoyable method of staying fit rather than the conventional gym routine. He immersed himself in various VR games, ultimately leading him to create our own that will become the ultimate training partner.

By incorporating fun and entertainment, our goal is to encourage everyone to engage in physical activity while having a blast at the same time. Mutant Boxing is just the first installment in a series of VR games designed with this specific focus in mind.

Gamedev with Love for Boxing & Art

Here are some early snapshots of our work in progress in the beginning of the development. Design, 3D and other assets was developed to make this game an aesthetic experience. Training and exercise should be done in enjoyable VR enviroments. 


We are an indie studio with a small but very efficient team. Meet the creators!

Marcus Krupa

Game Director

Jonathan Knape


Henrik Nyström


Alex Söderholm

Concept designer

Gustav Möjegård

3D designer

Frida Karlsson

Character Designer


Apart from building our own games in VR we can provide other services for the Gaming industry. Visit our sister company Filmic Art for more details. 

VR Game development

Mutant Boxing League

And other VR Games soon to be launched.

Game Trailers 

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Paradox, 3Drealms, Avalanche, CoffeeStain

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Unreal Engine 5

Blueprints & C++

We use Unreal Engine for:

- Games

- Trailers

Key Art & Design


Game Development in Progress


Hours of Gamedev


Lines of code


Quest 3 Loading time


Some feedback from our gamers on:

Mutant Boxing League on Meta Quest Applab

The mechanics of the game are great! The boxing really feels good and I love the style of the game with these mutant characters. The music is also very good. 

Pier-Luc Allard

Really enjoyed the game.

Checked out all features and the most important part is we see this game as re playable.

Warning: suggest drink plenty of water as you will sweat lol.


A great entertainment game, with precise tracking. The variety of enemies and gloves and the mini-games make it stand out from other similar games.

Sugar VR


If you have any questions or concerns, we're always ready to help!